Sunday, December 4, 2011

Puppy Love.

Now that we survived Thanksgiving, we are getting all geared up for Christmas! No, I'm not all done with Christmas shopping just yet, but I'm probably 75% of the way there and have all of my gifts wrapped so far that I have bought.  

 A few weekends ago I went with mom to the Mistletoe Fair in Texarkana.  After wandering around for about 30 minutes without buying a thing, I stumbled upon a pet adoption booth. The very first dog I saw was her....

Her name is Maggie & she is 5.  Isn't she absolutely the most precious thing ever? I instantly fell in love! I have been wanting a dog, but didn't want to go through the puppy phase. I was so not looking forward to training a puppy!  She was already fixed & house broken, so she was perfect! I loved her personality.  After talking with the adoption lady, she agreed to let me have Maggie! So last Wednesday, right before Thanksgiving, my sis-in-law & I went back to Texarkana to pick her up. We of course had to go shopping for her lots of welcome home goodies at Petsmart & TjMaxx! She got a cute new doggie bed, a pink Rhinestone Juicy Couture collar, a snowman chew toy, & a rhinestone doggie name tag (along with several other cute doggie necessities-bows, of course!)

Here she is on the car ride home. Perfect! She was an angel the whole way home.  I had to stick a bow in her hair first thing!

Once we picked her up, we went over to my in-laws to show them the new dog & let her meet her new daddy!  Jason's brother & his wife also have a dog named maggie and she was there too. She really didn't like having to share the attention with the new girl, but I think they are starting to like each other better now. We realized quickly that we were going to have a problem-when we said maggie, they'd both run up to us. So we decided to try out a new name, Maci (which is close to maggie), and after the first night it stuck! She loved it and always comes to us when we call her.  So we decided we would call her that instead to avoid confusion with the other Maggie.
Afterall, I'm not sure there's enough room in our family to two divas named Maggie Clark!

Here she is laid out on Thanksgiving day while I cooked. I sent Jason to Walmart that morning to get some more grapes for my grape salad and he just had to pick her up a surprise! When they got home, she came running in the house with this leopard & hot pink fur vest on! How adorable is that? Her daddy has such good taste! I guess I'm rubbing off on him since he's picking out leopard print.

Can you say spoiled?

I think she is loving her new home!

Look at my pretty girl!

And not to forget our sweet little Wiley! Here he is playing in our leaf pile we raked up like weekend.  He thought the pine cone was a toy and got it stuck in his mouth! haha

He's not sure what to think about her just yet, but he is definitely after her all the time if you know what I mean. And she does NOT like it!


 I ordered our cards this afternoon and I can't wait to get them in.  A good friend of mine, Tanda, took our pictures for us last Sunday in Texarkana.  She had tons of great places downtown to shoot & we were so happy with how they all turned out.  I feel so blessed to have this beautiful family that I've always dreamed about & to have such a sweet lady to help capture these cherished moments for us. Here is a quick peek of our shoot....

This picture is hilarious!

Me & my little girl. I really don't know how I lived without her.

We were going to get a cute pic of him throwing her up in the air, but she wound up going a little higher than we expected! haha! We all cracked up looking at these pics.

My love!!!!

Here's a preview of our card. I decided to go with a modern look this year. There were so many choices! It took me hours to pick out just one. I cannot wait to get them in the mail to see what they look like in person.

Even though it's rainy & cold, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!! We are staying in today cuddled up on the couch!.

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