Friday, May 20, 2011

And then there were two....

 Well Lauren & Scotty toughed it out to make it to the finals. I was sad to see Haley go, but these two are so guinine and honestly humble about their success. I can't wait to see how the finale goes! See what I mean about Lauren and her prom dresses? Here's another one! lol

One another note....Have any of you been watching Tori & Dean's Storibook weddings?  I love Tori Spelling and this show is just so amazing!

Jason & I are approaching our 1 year anniversary next week, so this show really brings back a lot of very sweet memories about the excitement of getting married to the man of your dreams! Even though we didn't have a traditional wedding, if I would have had one I would have definitely wanted one like these. They are AMAZING!!!!

Jason has seen this look from me a time or two in the last year! haha

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