Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who's your favorite???

Wow! This season of American Idol has been crazy good! They really found some amazing talent this go round and I'm loving all of the final three.  Even though my front-runner favorite was Pia (and now she's long gone), the last three left were all three my top picks from the beginning.

Here's a CLASSIC Scotty shot that I just had to share.  I think he is the least talented of the three, but is definitely the cutest & has an amazing personality & stage presence. Pretty impressive for being only 16....Loved him singing Lonestar tonight!

Wouldn't they make an adorable country couple? I'm thinking they could give Miranda & Blake a run for their money!

Lauren is definitely my favorite! I vote for her week after week. Although sometimes I don't agree with her song choices, she has an AMAZING voice & is so cute and so real.  I also crack up at her always wearing her Prom dresses on stage during her slow songs.  Speaking of dresses......check this one out! This one was my absolute favorite that she wore this season.  Love the zebra!

And finally...there's Haley. I have been rooting for her the whole season. I was always on the edge of my seat all those times she was in the bottom three. She definitely has the most unique sound of the three and is absolutely adorable. I have no clue how she runs around the stage in those heels!! I felt so bad for her tonight, but she recovered gracefully.  Led Zeplin was my favorite song she sang tonight, the other two were BLAHHHH!  I posted this pic of her singing Adele because it was probably one of my favorite songs she's sang of the season. She definitely has a strong chance to win!

So....Who's your Idol Fav????

I can't wait to find out the final two tomorrow night!!!

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