Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We're Moving!!!

So.... it's official.  We are trading in our Navy & silver for Red & white!!!   In the last week Jason has got a new job and we have found and started paperwork towards purchasing our first home together.  All I can say is we always move fast at everything we do!

Jason & I have both had feelings of unrest over the last several months. Niether one of us could really explain why, but we felt extremely unsettled.  The last few months have been busy with our first anniversary and trying to finish up with this school year.  We have prayed and asked God to lead us where we needed to be, but still felt unsure of the direction we were headed and still couldn't shake the bad feelings! Out of the blue, Jason was offered an assistant coaching job (one he hadn't even applied for) in Magnolia.  Jumping from a small school like Lafayette county to a 5A school is a great promotion in the world of Coaching.

Okay, I will admit that I had a very hard time adjusting to the idea of moving. I had barely lived here a year and it was already time to pick up and move again?! Where would we live? How could we be moved in less than a month?  I cried.....we talked out the situations....I cried some more.  In the end, they REALLY wanted Jason to come to Magnolia.  And he REALLY wanted to go there. Finally, we made the decision that this was best for his career, as bad as we hated to leave.

So...then I flashed back to my fear of being homeless. How in the world would we find somewhere that fast?! Immediately we began to pray! There was nothing else to do to put the situation in God's hands.  I am so thankful to say we found a house!!! In less than a week, Jason had a new job and we found a house! We close July 18th (fingers crossed nothing goes wrong) and we move in later on in the week.

We didn't just find "any old house"...we found my DREAM house and for a price we could afford (yes that was all God's doing!). I feel like he picked out that home especially for us. Okay let me back up...we actually found 2 houses! God was definitely in over-drive working for us this week.  The first house was older, but in a fantastic neighborhood. We found it through a realtor and went to look at it last Friday.  It was nice, and had a small lake that ran through the neighborhood which was awesome!  It was also EMPTY! Which was a plus! So...we loved it! We put an offer  that day, went to the bank, and got approved for a loan.  So then the waiting commenced ALL weekend long....longest weekend ever!

In the meantime, I had also found a house online at forsalebyowner.com.  Very random I know, and I am usually nervous about that kind of thing, but it was the same price as the other house and definitely more updated. I thought it would be a good back-up-plan, just in case the first deal fell through.  So I sent them a message saying we would like to come look at the house. The next morning, the girl called me and we chatted about our situation.  She was so sweet and said that the short time limits were fine on there part. We had a family gathering to celebrate father's day on Saturday night and had to cut our visits short so we could go look at the other house.  Jason was tired and told me to call the girl and cancel so we could go home and rest.  I told him we needed to go and that we'd make it a quick run through just to see what it looked like.

So that night we went to view their home and ....O...M....G.  We fell in love. Granite countertops...new appliances...2 1/2 baths....yes I said 2 1/2!!!! Large backyard, sprinkler systems in front and back, and everything I could ask for!  It was great.  We left forgetting all about our first house which we "thought" was perfect. All of a sudden we were hoping they didn't accept the first offer so we could jump on this house.

Needless to say we prayed some more and some of you reading this probably prayed for us too!  I had everyone I knew praying we'd find the perfect place.  Monday afternoon we made a deal on the second house!  Now it's just a matter of waiting on paperwork and boxing up all our junk.  We are so thankful for this opporunity and are looking forward to starting a new beginning in Magnolia.  We will miss Lafayette County.  After all, it's where Jason grew up, where we met, and we spent our first year of marriage! It was our first home together.

I will still be working as a career coach at Hope and working out of Stamps, so I'll still see all my kids and teachers, but just have a little bit more of a drive.  Jason is thrilled about his new job. The coaching staff and people of Magnolia have been extremely kind and welcoming. 

Jason and I both know that the only way this happened was through God & his plans. There's NO other way in the world this could have happened without his blessing. I'm still amazed that this happened so fast and so perfectly!

God is able to do immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine. -Ephesians 3:20

I will be posting pics as soon as we get into the new house!


  1. That is fun news!! God is AWESOME!!

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