Monday, October 17, 2011

Better late than never!

This blog post is long over due, but between school, football games, and personal stuff, I have been slammed every day with something going on.  I can't even remember the last day I had to myself where I would just lay around and do "nothing".  Like so many sweet southern women say in a time like this..."honey.... I am TOO blessed to be stressed!"  I am trying to live by this everyday, but sometimes I forget every word in that but stressed! 

I have been very crafty lately in what little free time I do have though!  Here are some pics of my newest crafts and inspirations (added note:  If you would like to use my ideas for your own use, feel free! I post my ideas for my sweet FRIENDS to be inspired too! :) 

Project #1 Halloween sparkle!

I came up with both of these ideas on my own and got all of my materials from pier 1 & hobby lobby.

Spray painted sticks (black) from the yard add a little whimsy to my entry way.

Table decor from Pier 1....

Hobby lobby deco mesh w/orange sparkle witch's broom makes for a spooky entry...

Next blog posting....pantry re-do & more!

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