Thursday, August 25, 2011

We Interrupt this marriage to bring season!

It's the time of the year we love around our house... Football! Last weekend we hosted a coaches & family fish fry at our house. Of course we had great food  & fun! Here are some of my decor pics...

For my dish, I was inspired by the pioneer woman herself.  She always posts the BEST tutorials on cooking so that even the worst people out there about following directions (like mysef) can make great food! I attempted to make cake ball footballs.


They didn't quite turn out like I had hoped presentation-wise, but they were very yummy! Here is her link on how to make this deliciousness.

Here is how I made mine-
Cake pop sticks (or small wooden sticks), almond bard, Butter cake mix, squeezy icing, & cream cheese cake icing.

For my base, I used two foam floral blocks I found at the dollar tree, glued them together & then added green crinkle cut they also have at walmart & the dollar tree.
Glue with hot glue gun in sections...

Ta Da!!!

Dessert Table & Panther Ice Cream Bar

I forgot to get more dessert pics, I know shame on me! But here are the ones I made & if you haven't made a cake ball before, you should!

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