Saturday, November 12, 2011

In between Holidays...

Halloween is over and I'm a little behind with my update.  We really enjoyed getting to spend our first Halloween in our new house.  Our neighborhood is full of kids and we had LOTS of trick or treaters (I think we went through about 10 huge bags of candy!). Remember last year when I said it was Jason's first time carving a pumpkin? Well we had another pumpkin "carve off" and as you can see we've gotten a little better each year! Maybe next year we will attempt one of the fancy stencil pumpkins.  Here's a flashback to last years pumpkin carving...

Here is Jason's Pumpkin from this year. He decided to make a BAT on his, even though I said it looks like a dragon! lol

And here is mine. I went for a funky pumkin with a star & moon for the eyes.

Here they are together glowing in our kitchen.

One of the biggest hits of the night were my Popcorn Scary Hands! They were so easy to make and very inexpensive. My mom actually used to make them for all of our Halloween parties at school growing up and they had such sentimental value-plus who couldn't resist popcorn & candy corn?!  I had good intentions to make candied apples for our friends' kids, but never quite fit it in with all of the other excitement! Here is a quick overview of how I made them...

What you need:
1 package of Candy Corn
Clear plastic gloves (no powder & very thin)
1 box popcorn
twist ties or ribbon
Spider rings for fingers

Pop the popcorn & place in a bowl.  Take a glove and add candy corn into the fingers with the tip of the corn facing outward like a finger nail.  Then, take the popcorn & stuff the glove.  This can take a while so allow yourself plenty of time for this project!  After the hand is stuffed with popcorn, tie off the top. Then add a cute little spider ring to finish the look.

Just becase it says "fat free food" on the bag, doesn't mean this treat is good for you! haha!

Creepy hands crawling their way into the bowl!

The finished product.

 Now on to the next  holiday of Thanksgiving! I'll be posting my favorite thanksgiving dishes & recipes for each soon!  Yesterday we did our annual Friday trip to Little Rock and went to Holiday House & Silks-a-Bloom.  Now I'm all geared up for Christmas. I even got a new tree this year & I can't WAIT to start decorating my new house for the Holidays.  More to come on that later....

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