Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blossom Festival 2012

This weekend is the blossom festival on the Square in Magnolia.  Since it is our first year as a Magnolia resident, we just had to partake in all of the festivities!

They have tons of fun things to do.  Of course there is always the parades, carnival food, arts & crafts, music, and they even have a huge steak cook-off every year!

Jason & his dad walked in 5k this year-which just so happened to be right across from the dog contest.  So while I was waiting on Jason & Bob to finish their race, of course I couldn't resist the urge to enter Maci into her first "doggy beauty pageant" (as I refer to it, because lets face it, "dog contest" doesn't sound nearly as glamorous as "pageant")

It was almost as difficult as a real pageant though.  We have been talking to Maci about it all week! Well...this morning she woke up and was very nervous! Her stomach was hurting & she wouldn't even eat breakfast.  

I got up at 6:00 am to get her bathed, brushed, & dried.   Then we had to do her hair and of course pick out the Perfect outfit-with matching hair accessories of course. 

We were totally having a toddlers & tiaras moment. 

She had a meltdown in the bathtub and didn't want to be brushed...or blow dried....maybe it was just too early in the morning for her ????

Pixi sticks...where are you????

Luckily...I had my wonderful MIL there to help me get her ready & to sew a last minute outfit mishap.

While we were waiting on the dog show to start, we stood at the finish line of the 5k waiting on the guys. 

We found Mallory, who used to work with Sandy. She ran the whole 5k! She is tough! 

Mallory & her boyfriend John after the race

Here comes Bob leading the pack!

Not even breaking a sweat
It was a true family affair...Jason's cousin Ed & Bob, but where's J?

There he is!!!

Getting ready to begin the Dog Show

Checking out the competition....

That dog looked like a polar bear. It was huge!

This dog (Sugar Bear) won lots of prizes!

Getting ready to make her debut...

And she's up...."cutest dog" contestant #1-Maci Clark

There were six contestants in her category.  There was some tough competition!

And the winner is.....

Contestant #1......MACI.....CLARK!!!!

(tail wagging...panting, tail waggs some more....)

 She was pretty excited! Even the announcer couldn't keep his hands off of her. She's just so darn CUTE! :)

 Here we are with our loot! A blue ribbon & a bag of dog food.

 Maci was disappointed that she didn't win any money. She was planning on buying a cow for the backyard to play with her & Wiley (T &T joke-haha)! 

I can't wait until I have kids & can take them to the parade, face painting, and all of the fun stuff that the blossom festival has for families!  I guess until I have a little girl/boy of my own, doggy pageants will have to suffice. 

But overall she was just happy that we came out a winner! I am so proud of her & Jason today. They did so great in both of the Blossom Festival Activities. 

Right now, Jason & Maci are laid out on the couch sleeping.  They are worn out after all of their contests today.  Now we are getting all rested up for the Lost Trailers concert tonight!

If you've never been to the Blossom Festival, definitely make plans to attend in 2013! It is an awesome family activity for young & old alike.

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