Saturday, May 19, 2012

I present to you...the class of 2012!

This has been such a busy week, full of graduations! I had three to go to this week. Bradley's was Tuesday (but I got no pics :(, then Magnolia's on Thursday, & Lafayette County on Friday.

Since I am slacking (BIG TIME) in the pic department for Bradley-I will sum it up with saying it was an amazing graduation. I will really miss this group of Seniors :(....

Some of my seniors even gave me & the counselor a card to say thanks and how much they will miss us.  Needless to say, I shed a few tears over that one! It's not every day you have a high school student tell you "thank you" for working with them. That is the only card I've ever gotten and it really meant the world to me! I am really going to miss that bunch!

On Thursday....we had Magnolia's graduation.  Jason had to work at it while I stayed behind to get Dalton's party all set up and the food out.  

Gradual pics as I was unloading food...

Wonderful cake from the Bakerman! It was amazing!

As you can see, Maci worked hard to help me set everything up.  She's eyeing that food table like she's got a trick up her sleeve...

I had to keep my eyes on her the whole time!

The full set up!

Dalton's "real" family, Michelle, Joey, & Joseph

Dalton & his Cake!

Time to dig in!

Dalton & his sweet girlfriend Morgan

Round 2!

We are so proud of our "adopted son" & all of his accomplishments!
We are even more excited that we will get to continue our "family" dinners with him since he's staying close to home.

Next up....
Senior Breakfast & Graduation at LCHS

Here at the Farm Bureau Award recipients with Lafayette County Farm Bureau Agent, Mr. Reed Camp.

Rotary Scholarship Winners

Srgt Gober brought Shawn a whopper check to pay for his college!

So proud of our SAU Scholarship recipients

There were so many scholarships & awards given out Friday that I would be posting pics all day! 

Over the last two weeks, Mrs. Jolley & I have been collecting scholarship information on all of our seniors at Lafayette County.  At the end of the day on Friday, Mrs. Jolley had totaled that the 2012 seniors at LCHS got over 1.58 million dollars in scholarships, grants, & military packages to go towards their college education & training!  

Mrs. Jolley & I were thrilled!!! 

Here are a few pics I snapped at their graduation.

Mrs. Jolley had a long list of scholarships to announce 

Patiently awaiting for their names to be called. It's hard to believe that it's been almost seven years ago since I was sitting in that seat. Sweating....and waiting on my chance to start a new life, away from my high school years.

I am so proud of all of my seniors that I've had the honor of working with this year.  It's hard to believe this school year has already come & gone.  Before we know it, August will be here and I'll have a whole new group that will be figuring our their dreams & aspirations.  

Until then...


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