Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jimmy Buffett Concert

This last Thursday & Friday, Jason & I got to get away to go to Little Rock to see Jimmy Buffett. Jason loves Jimmy Buffett & we have eaten at several of his restaraunts & his sister Lu lu's restaraunts & loved them!  About a month ago, right after the concert dates were announced, Channel 7-KATV had a facebook contest for viewers to log on and answer a trivia question to win tickets. I did-just because I knew Jason would love to go see him. Over 3,000 people entered the contest & I won 1 out of 5 of the sets of tickets they were giving away! I was so surprised & excited since I never win anything & tried my hardest to keep it a surprise from Jason, but finally wound up telling him on his birthday about my prize. He was thrilled! Booked us a hotel room down town and we just made a min-vacation out of it. We had the BEST time and we both needed a vacation.

I know what you are thinking....what about Maci? 

Well, we left her with my mom and dad for the night. It was her first overnight sleep over. And it just so happens that she got a new "cousin" this week named Brady.  Mom & Dad rescued a new little dog that is part shih tzu & maltese. He is so adorable! I hate I forgot to get a pic of the two of them together, but we are going up next weekend to help my parents move into their new house, so I'll try my best to snap a few pics of them playing together. Brady was very jealous of Maci & followed her every where she went!

Here is a little treat pail that we made him & filled it with treats & a squishy football for him to welcome him to the family.

Here is our letter we got in the mail this week from KATV! 

Maci climbed up on the table with her "overnight bag" (which consisted of three of her monkey babies, a hair brush, rubber bands, & hair bows.)

I started gathering up everything and loading the car up and laid her two things by the front door and when I came back in I saw her standing there ready to go to Grandma's house! I just had to snap this pic & share. It melted my heart!

We really had great seats, although they were in the handi cap section (please refrain from jokes!)

It was really actually nice because we had tons of room a rail to prop our feet on, didn't have tons of drunk people dancing on top of us & spilling beer, were close to the bathrooms, and it almost felt like we had "special" backstage passes! We got to see a lot of things that I never noticed at concerts like small computer screens with lyrics so they don't forget the words! lol  We have decided that the Handi cap section was the way to go!

Friday, we woke up & visited the Clinton Library. It was Jason's first time going and he loved it! It was my third time to go and tour and each time I go I learn something new. I love visiting! If you have never been, you must go!

Here we are in front of the Oval Office

Stats about the country during Clinton's tenure.

All of these stats really make me wish his name was on the Ballot again this fall :(

Busy day in the life of the President! This was so interesting to read about his days in the White House & how each minute of his day was scheduled.

Letter from Whoopi Goldberg

Letter from JFK Jr. before he died.

Overall we had a fantastic time at the Clinton library! Thank you KATV for the tickets. Ironically, as we were walking through the metal detectors at the library, I saw KATV's Meteorologist Barry Brandt!  I admit that I was slightly star struck, since I have watched him on TV ever since I was a little girl. He is just adorable!  I really wanted to get a picture with him, but never saw him again after we made it through security :(. He probably would have thought I was crazy, but it was definitely one of the high lights of my day! At least we got a laugh out of it....

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