Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Weekend!! Mega Millions Jackpot...

While I was getting ready to head out the door this morning, the headline story on Good Morning America was "How to Win the Lottery". They had experts (even some people that have won the lottery like 7 times!) giving advice on how to win.  One guy (the one that had 7 wins) said "DO NOT DO POWERPLAY! YOU NEVER WITH WITH THAT!"....the other woman sitting next to him won doing power play with ONE ticket! So I thought to myself...which technique is right?  Then, I said to myself..............Self................They both won, so duh.... both must work!!

The idea of being a "Mega"Millionaire lingered in my mind all day.  So after school, I went to run errands and just HAD to get a ticket! Well...two, to be exact. I had to try both winning strategies after all if I was serious about becoming a millionairess.  So I got my powerplay & then strategically selected my numbers.....05 (the month we were married) 28 (the day we were married) 10 (the year we were married (2010) 21 (my birthday), 30 (Jason's birthday), & 2 (number of years we were married). I think that was all of the numbers I chose...anyway...I technically already broke the "rules" that lotto 7 guy stated on GMA today. He said to use consectutive I guess I'm doomed to lose, which should not be a surprise since I only have a one and quadrupal million gazillion chance of winning.

Then I got to thinking...what would I do if I actually did win?? Well...I could probably go on for days & days, but I made a top ten list of things I would do with my money if I were so lucky....

1. Tithe (That should always be number one-no matter where your money comes from)
2. Pay off all of our debt, my parents, & Jason's Parent's house/cars etc.
3. Take a dream vacation with Jason (probably the Bahamas, NYC, & back to Vegas.)
4. Adopt children.
5. Set up a scholarship fund in our names at Gurdon High School, Lafayette County High School, Bradley High School, UACCH, SAU, & most importantly...UAM.
6. Random acts of kindness-leaving $100 bills for people that work hard, are honest, and nice people (like the lady that works at the gas station, who has been on her feet for 10 hours straight, is a single mother of three, and greeted me with a smile on her face and wished me good luck!)
7. Give money to couples that are having trouble conceiving to use for IVF or adoption, whichever they need!
8. Buy Jason everything on his wish list like a new fancy boat, lots of guns, a rolex, big black new truck, fishing stuff, and put a big fat English Bull dog in the seat of the boat with a big read bow around it.
9. I'd gather up all of my good girl friends & my mom and go back to NYC on a dream shopping trip to buy anything we wanted.
10. Design my dream house (with my dream car in the garage) which is a good size, but not huge, just snazzy... (including swimming pool). 

I'm sure Jason would not agree with the exact order of my choices! haha!  Have you got your golden ticket?!!!

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