Sunday, March 18, 2012

Start to Spring Break!

This is how my spring break started off this weekend....

Using my Netipot! If you have never tried this, you don't know what you are missing. I used it last year for the first time and it worked really well. I'm not sure whether or not the sickness had run it's course or it really worked, but I felt better within a day or two. It is the strangest feeling ever...not the most pleasant experience, but once it's over, you're glad you did it.

I've been sick since last Sunday, so I am trying anything and EVERYTHING to feel better to enjoy my break (what few days I get this week.)

Here are just a few of my remedies. I have tried all of these!
 Jason has been a great nurse this weekend bringing me soup, icees, and ice cream. He also helped around the house and has been making drug store runs to get an arm load full of OTC necessities to get me through the weekend. I'm hoping one day soon, this will run it's course.

Our plans for the week? I plan on working some, but Jason has finishing lures & golf greens on his agenda. 

Here he is getting all the rods ready to go out on the water.

He is so excited to have a break and some time this week to spend with his friends and enjoying his favorite hobbies. Maci is excited about having her mom and dad around a lot more this week. She has lots planned for the week too! She just hasn't been generous enough to fill us in on them though :)

On a more serious note, Jason and I would like to ask you all to say a prayer for us this week. We both have doctors appointments this week. Jason goes in for his annual to get his blood work done and we are hoping to get good news to see that his cholesterol and blood pressure are down. He's also been very tired lately and we are concerned about that too. I have two appointments as well and am nervous about one in particular. Please remember us in your prayers this week. We know God has his hand over us, but it still doesn't make the doctors visits any more pleasant. Hopefully next week I will have good news to share! 

Until then, enjoy your spring breaks everyone (if you get a break that is)! I will try my best to take pics of all of our things we do over the break to share in my next blog posting.

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